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Enggano Tribe Ceremonial Hat Replica

Enggano Tribe Ceremonial Hat Replica


Replica of a ceremonial hat from Enggano Island, South Sumatra made in the 1970s.
Height 25cm x Diameter 15cm

It has been reported that in the Enggano culture, both male and female chiefs held prominent positions with the ritual position of woman higher than men.

Woman were responsible for organizing and hosting feasts, an important aspect of the culture. The ceremonies, known as 'kaleak baba', were performed to seek blessings from the ancestors for bountiful harvests and successful hunting practices. The highlight of these events was the sharing of food, accompanied by singing and dancing.

During such occasions, women played a crucial role in creating intricate beaded hip belts, amulets, and the iconic 'epaku' hats. These cylindrical wooden hats featured prominently carved squatting figures, believed to represent slain enemies.

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