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Balinese Winged Lion (Nangka Wood)

Balinese Winged Lion (Nangka Wood)


Nangka Wood Balinese Winged Lion

(Singa Bersayap)

Bali, Indonesia

Height 77cm x Length 33cm x Width  



This beautifully crafted, free-standing wooden sculpture represents a Balinese winged lion, known as "singa bersayap" or sometimes "singa ambara."

Originally intended for use as a mount (palinggih or wahana) for deities during ritual celebrations and processions, this piece likely originates from northern Bali. It would have adorned a temple (puri) complex, typically positioned high above an entranceway or nestled in the eaves when not in use.

The singa, or lion, is an ancient symbol originating in India, where it symbolizes sovereignty and protection. Over time, this motif found its way to Java and subsequently to Bali, where it became an integral part of Hindu-Buddhist iconography. On Bali, the winged singa motif is a common sight adorning temples as guardian figures.

  • Additional Information

    The price includes packing and shipping to Bali, Jawa and neighboring islands.


    These items are vintage or antiques and a lot of them are handcrafted so variations in colour, texture are to be expected - there may also be signs of use, age and other small defects. 


    Product colours may vary slightly due to photographic lighting sources or screen settings. 


    Please ask for additional pictures or videos prior to purchase if you have any questions or need any additional information. All sales are final. 

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