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Bokor Bowl (Sedang)

Bokor Bowl (Sedang)


Height 8cm x Diameter 21cm


A "Bokor" in Bali is a traditional container, often crafted from brass or copper. It is primarily used in religious and ceremonial contexts. In Balinese Hindu rituals, the bokor serves as a vessel for holy water, which is sprinkled during ceremonies for purification purposes. This holy water, known as "Tirtha," is an essential element in Balinese Hindu practices, used for blessings and spiritual cleansing.


Additionally, bokors may be used to hold offerings, such as flowers and food, which are presented to the gods during temple ceremonies or other religious events. Their ornate design and craftsmanship make them not only functional but also a symbol of art and culture in Bali. They can be found in various sizes and designs, often intricately decorated, reflecting the rich artistic heritage of the island.

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