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Antaboga Candle Holder

Antaboga Candle Holder


LOT 82

Height 25cm x Length 46cm x Width 10cm


In Indonesian mythology, Antaboga, (Anantaboga) is a significant mythical creature resembling a dragon or serpent. 


In Javanese and Balinese cultural narratives, Antaboga is revered as the fundamental spirit of the underworld. He plays a crucial role in various creation myths, often depicted as a colossal serpent bearing the weight of the world on his back. Antaboga's representation in myths symbolizes the foundation and sustenance of life and the universe.


The name "Antaboga" is derived from the Javanese words "Ananta," meaning endless or infinite, and "Boga," signifying food or sustenance. This etymology highlights the creature's symbolic role as an eternal provider and supporter of life.


Revered in Indonesian culture, Antaboga's depictions in art and folklore embody deep spiritual and mythological themes. The figure is often associated with the creation, maintenance, and balance of the world.

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      The price includes packing and shipping to Bali, Jawa and neighboring islands.


      These items are vintage or antiques and a lot of them are handcrafted so variations in colour, texture are to be expected - there may also be signs of use, age and other small defects. 


      Product colours may vary slightly due to photographic lighting sources or screen settings. 


      Please ask for additional pictures or videos prior to purchase if you have any questions or need any additional information. All sales are final. 


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